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Every person in the world has his/her own life story. It may be a story of happiness, sadness, or a story of perseverance, dreams and success in life. I am Ma. Janica Gannaban Cinco, 22 years of age raised up in Manila. My parents are Filomena G. Cinco, who is the Chairman of our Barangay and my father is Raul J. Cinco who used to sell balot before, but now a stay-home father. One of his legs was amputated because of diabetes. Although I was born with cerebral palsy, I never felt different from the rest. I still do things that normal children do like playing outdoor, singing and dancing. Now, I am one of the leaders in an organization called “Nagkakaisang Kabataan ng Legarda” in our barangay. It aims to bring youth together with unity, love and kindness towards a community with much brighter future. I have always believed that youth is the future of our country. In this life, I simply dream of finishing my studies at Ateneo de Manila University. I have always dreamed of taking up and finishing Law and help my family and people surrounding me. In fact, I am so much grateful to my parents for loving me unconditionally, understanding and supporting me all the way to surpass all the hardships I will face. To my Family, thank you and I love you from the bottom of my heart. I am special child , my Condition has never been a Hindrance for me to achieve my Good of becoming a regular High School Student .to Be on the mainstream Curriculum , and now a Regular Grade VI. Student is one of my greatest achievement . From special Education Program to Mainstream Education. With My Physical And mental Condition , I Was Blessed Enough to Experrence becoming a PETA Talent After my series of workshop With Direct Bong Billones and other mentor of political personalities And Inter-act with them because of my Mother Advocacy for Land And Housing Tenure . Im met Pres. Benigno Noynoy Aquino , Sec. Jesse Robredo , Sec. Dinky Soliman ,Sec. Mar Roxas , Sec. Buth Abad , Mayor Lim, Mayor Erap and My Favorite Vice-pres. Leni Robredo . My Personal encounter w/ them riches . my experiences and learn more From.I Am Very hopeful than inspire my being a cerebral palsy patient. I can achive my dream and ambition of becoming an Future Public Lawyer me. With Special Condition , Still Could Help Others, do good for the interest of Others Specially to Uplight Protect And Serve The Interest Of Disable Persons , persons And Special need And the Urban Poor Sectors. For me My Condition Is not hindrance , yet I Will Make This A Motivation For me to study ,More harder and patiently with Dedication and passion to FullFill my Dream And to become a productive Citizen. As a person with disability, I am proud of myself , in the sense that I am not totally dependent to my family. I see to it what I can handle myself , my needs at home , at school and even in our community. My disability do not constrain me from dowing what I want to do. I can fix and do household chores at home. I even help baby sit my news and wacth over them. When I started studying under the special education program, of perserverance, patient more time for studying, coruse with the love and support of my family, my sped teachers , regular teacher , friend s and with lots of prayers and gurdance from my parents. For those,persons and special needs please do not loose hope , let ua not allow our disability become a hindness to full our dreams . we are special yes , but we have the same right of dreaming and full our dreams , people For the around us, why are still has indifference toward us, who do not believe us that me could be a productive citizen please stop it now ! instead find ways on how you could be an instrument of god to help us, the and respepct, be given a chance to prod.

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Ma Janica Gannaban Cinco

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