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The Stare

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I’m 38 years old now, so I’m at the age where I’m becoming more knowledgeable and have a little more life experience under my belt, therefore I am becoming a little more comfortable within my own skin, which I believe is a good thing. But over the years there are certain things I have had to learn to deal with which able people maybe do not have to deal with, one being other people staring at me. Now I know that my appearance is different to others and acceptably so, and probably that children will stare is understandable, and to be honest I am perfectly happy for them to stare as much as they want because I then know that they are being inquisitive which then leads to them asking their parents why I might walk differently? This then leads them to having an educational family discussion. But when adults blatantly stare, I find the situation a little awkward and ignorant.

I have been out with friends socializing on a night out and when the drinks start flowing have endured the odd remark off someone walking by, purely to make them feel like ‘the big guy’ in amongst their circle of friends, but I have great friends who always have my back and never stand for or tolerate that kind of behaviour, and they stick up for me, or even sometimes stop me from confronting these people. Inevitably guys, we are now in 2021 with the amount of ever-growing educational material and diversity widely available, people should be more socially responsible for firstly their own actions and their friend’s actions too. Remember that it is perfectly ‘OK’ to be accepting of others, especially of those who are a little different. Be kind.

Best wishes,


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