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Never feel like you are being a burden! Chill out!

Up until now, I have pushed myself to my limits not to become a burden, such as when I go away with my family or friends, I have walked further than I should have and not sitting down for a rest, simply because I did not want to spoil the occasion, and having everybody waiting just for me, so I would push through the pain barrier when out walking.

Nowadays, I aim to slow down, and if I need a rest, either take it upon myself to find somewhere to sit and rest for a period, or even ask people if we can take a ‘group’ break from walking, who does not like an unplanned detour through a pub door for a nice cold pint and well-deserved rest?

Having a bit of life experience behind me, I accept that I was unfair to myself by pushing the limits and stupidly my physical limitations. I realise that I may occasionally have to become a bit of a burden to others. Friends will always be understanding if you are honest with them, and if at any point in your life, they cannot adapt to make things easier for you, they are not true friends.

Accepting that I may not participate in some activities that able people do these days tugs on my heartstrings, but by managing my body and being true to myself. I know that I will continue to be the best person I can, and most importantly, still enjoy activities with friends to the best of my ability without becoming a burden most of the time. There is always a way to include everybody in this World.


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