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Max And The Magic Wish – The Audiobook

I can now reveal that over the past few months. We have been working on something extraordinary. Yes, you have guessed it, we’ve had ‘Max And The Magic Wish’ recorded and made into an audiobook, and I can openly say that I am so happy about its release. In today’s book market, the need to release the same book in different formats puts you right at the cutting edge of the market, and the whole concept of releasing your work in other forms is most appealing. Until now, we have released ‘Max And The Magic Wish’ as a paperback, quickly followed by the ebook. This puts us right in line with today’s more prevalent and big publishers. Still, with me ever being philosophical and always looking into the future and being technology-driven, I was super keen to look into ways to divulge into the audiobook market. I am passionate about this book reaching and educating many children, whatever their abilities are. Suppose this means that by releasing an audiobook version, children with disabilities like visual impairments and learning disabilities can be included in the experience of reading ‘Max And The Magic Wish’, and now, by listening to the audiobook, the concept, desire, and reason why I wrote this story are becoming a dream come true. It warms my heart immensely that I can make a difference in these children’s lives.

So, this brings me to a few months ago, and the wonderful Kate Powell, my good friend Tony Powell’s Cousin. After buying ‘Max And The Magic Wish’ from Amazon and reading my story. Kate sent me a message on Facebook saying how much the book touched her. She then asked if I would let her narrate the book as an audiobook. I know that not everyone believes in fate, but as of now, I certainly think that people are supposed to cross paths in life, even if it’s not for the first time because I’ve met Kate twice before, so we were acquainted. I first met Kate at a local charity gig she had organised, a spectacular West End Musical Theatre-themed concert, where I watched Kate showcase one of her other talents, singing. So I already knew how talented she is, and I was in no doubt that she would do a fantastic narration and honing in on the different characteristics of each of the characters every step of the way in the story. Kate is a genuine diamond. She most definitely shines bright. She would not

only be an asset to any musical or theatre production, but as a singer, recording artist, and most certainly a voiceover artist or narrator too. Thank you so much for working with us Kate, exciting times are ahead.

Kate says, 'Thank you so, so much Gavin. It's been a pleasure and a privilege to record your beautiful book. Thank you for allowing me to be involved. :-) xxx

Kate Powell - Narrator of the Max And The Magic Wish Audiobook.

To contact Kate regarding work-related projects. Here is her Spotlight Page link:-

Max And The Magic Wish is now available as a paperback, ebook, and now as an audiobook on Audible. In addition, the paperback and ebook versions are now available worldwide on well-known platforms such as Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble. So get your preferred version today!


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