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It’s ok to ask for help once in a while if you have physical limits! Trust me!

Being a disabled person does bring many challenges. It comes with the territory. I may have told you this before, but I can be very stubborn at times. Being as independent as I possibly can is very important to me. I want to live my life to the best of my abilities as often and as much as possible. I also feel that I can show others with disabilities that there's no reason why they, too, can't endeavour to become independent to the best of their abilities.

But, throughout my life, I have come to learn that with having a physical disability, there are limits on what you can do instead of what you think you can do. So, I want to let you know that these limitations and being embarrassed about showing them are genuine. For one, it's perfectly natural to keep wanting to bring that stubborn side of you out and want to do everything for yourself. If your body allows you to do the things that non-disabled can navigate easier, then that's fantastic. It's inspiring, so go for it. But, on the flip side of this coin, it's perfectly ok to get embarrassed when your body reaches its limit and won't let you carry out those simple things that we all rely on in our everyday lives. Especially when we get that little bit older, even non-disabled people find it more challenging to do some things.

I have always lived with my parents, and yes, you've guessed it, I haven't flown the nest yet. My parents have always been on hand to help me with the chores that I find difficult, even though I have adapted and found alternative ways and hacks to do things. One example is that I can't tie shoelaces, so I have always bought footwear without shoelaces.

As of yet, I haven't had to ask for too many disability adaptions and aids to be installed within the house. I have a handrail down our drive to hold onto it, the same as our stairs, and I have a small handrail for me to hold onto in our bathroom. Although all of these are a great help with my mobility, I have hated using them until now due to my stubbornness. Still, my attitude has changed as I'm getting a little wiser. I now know that it is perfectly ok to need and ask for a bit of help and sometimes rely on another person, whether that's a parent, another family member, a friend, or even a professional personal assistant if you do happen to use or need one. I'm going to make a promise to myself now if I do happen to 'flee the nest' and move into my own place. I'm not ever going to become reluctant to ask for help around my home because it's perfectly natural.

So, to conclude, if you are a disabled person, or even a non-disabled person, it's ok to let your guard down and ask for help if you need it. I have let go of my stubbornness (well, most of it, lol) because I now realise that asking for help doesn't make you weak or any less of a person than anyone else. Always be yourself………..ASK FOR HELP IF YOU NEED IT; IT'S OK TO ASK.

Best wishes,


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