I want to make a difference through writing and disability awareness

Being disabled is all I've ever known, and due to complications at birth, I was born having cerebral. I have suffered from epilepsy, had both hair lip and cleft palet corrections, and developed a speech impediment. Growing up in this world, being disabled is a challenge and scary at times too. Many barriers are put up along the way, but to me personally, I have now come to realise that obstacles are placed in front of you to be smashed down.

I admit I can be pretty stubborn and defensive at times. Still, I have naturally developed these traits to protect myself from being taken advantage of. At the end of the day, though, I'm only human and keeping up my guard can sometimes be very tiresome and mentally draining. This is only natural.

But, I have learnt, and I now know, that writing is a fantastic counter-release for putting the more simple things in life into perspective. It has helped me accept that I am a disabled person, and there's categorically nothing wrong with that at all, and being happy and yourself is the best way to be.