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I'm celebrating International Day Of Persons With Disabilities by doing a festive book signing!

First, let's start by highlighting the importance of #internationaldayofpersonswithdisabilities and why disabled people celebrate on the 3rd of December every year. It promotes the rights of people with disabilities in all areas of society. The theme for International Day Of Disabled Persons this year (2022) is "Transformative solutions for inclusive development; the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world." Again, this is a theme I regularly advocate about.

I do not doubt that one of the solutions and aids for educating all about 'inclusive development' is providing much more disability awareness and training within society. By this, I mean in schools and making this part of the UK School curriculum. However, we also need to push for making disability awareness a concrete and fundamental resource within sectors such as employment, retail, hospitality, and any sector or authority at the forefront of our everyday lives.

I genuinely believe that through targeted education, we can educate people on not only how disabled people may or may not need or choose to live and navigate everyday life differently or at a slower pace than non-disabled people and face barriers like lack of accessible venues and utilities, but we need to show them that not all disabilities are the visible too.

Making the backbone of our working and social lives, our workspaces, retail and hospitality venues as accessible as possible will help make society much more inclusive. There are lots of disabled people who maybe can't or feel anxious about going on a shopping trip or for a sociable night out with family or friends because of inaccessible venues, which possibly with a few additions like accessible toilets, handrails, lifts and ramps, this would make a big difference towards making society more inclusive to everyone. I believe highlighting how to install these correctly and safely and making this a more comprehensive and integral part of a national disability awareness training programme would make a successful start to putting inclusivity first.

My first children's book, #maxandthemagicwish, is my true story about disability and acceptance whilst living with cerebral palsy. Its underlying educational message teaches children that it is not only perfectly OK to be accepted the way you are, but it's OK to be accepting of others. I believe an essential factor and driving force for showing the world this is making it easier for people who are different to gain more access to society and our open spaces so then they can be allowed to be seen and represented visibly within the community so we can educate others that we can live our lives how we choose, alongside the rest of society whether that's independently or with assistance.

My children's book Max And The Magic Wish, which represents my true story about disability and acceptance, is available to order from Amazon.

I wish everyone a happy International Day Of Persons With Disabilities 2022, and however, you choose to celebrate our special day, make sure you do it in style! We CAN make a difference together.

This year I'm celebrating and marking this occasion by attending a festive Christmas gathering at The Cambrian Village Trust near Tonypandy in South Wales, UK. I can't wait to meet everyone.

Best wishes,


The Disabled Writer


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