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How To Blog

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I am no expert on blogging, the truth is I have only just become a blogger myself, but as you now may have noticed, I am starting to dig it and get down with it. The first real bit of advice I can give you is to always be honest, and write from the heart, and from there, people will hopefully respect you more as a person. I should have become a blogger a lot sooner, it has helped me get a lot off my chest and hopefully from here on in, I will begin to enjoy life to the full once more.

Setting up a blog is now easier than ever, and with a bit of help from my book collaborator and illustrator Clare, here I am. First, you will need to design and set up a website using a website builder, we use, and their website building platform is straightforward to use, once you are happy with your design, you will need to add a blogging tool and a blog page to it. Once your website is published, you will then be able to create, edit and publish blog posts whenever you want to. Lastly, don't forget to subscribe to your website host and to buy your very own domain name if you're going to be in total control; usually, your website host will charge you a small monthly fee to do this.

So, there you go, hope this helps you on your way! Happy blogging!!

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