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How my first children's book got published?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I had been pitching the manuscript for ‘Max And The Magic Wish,’ along with two other books that I have written for a few months to Publishers and Literary Agents. Then one evening, I can't remember the exact date now, I attended a friend’s music launch evening, and Clare was at the same event, but it wasn’t at this point that we had met or spoke to each other, not even at this event. Then I think I added Clare as a friend on Facebook and Twitter, and it was through these platforms, we then really got to talk to each other. At first and as we are both songwriters, we spoke about our music careers, but then I told Clare about my love for writing Children’s Books.

It was then that Clare told me she is also a Children’s Author and has published books through her own publishing company. We arranged to meet, so I could show her my work, and luckily for me, she liked what she read. At this point, I then had another publishing deal on the table, so I had a big decision to make. It wasn’t long though, before I had made my mind up; I was sold on Clare’s enthusiasm and knowledge of book publishing; her passion and work ethic is brilliant.

I’m so happy and glad to now say that I am now working as an Author with one of Wales’ most forward-thinking, inclusive and most exciting book publishers. Since I have teamed up with Clare we have formed a brilliant writing partnership, we both have the same vision for where we want to take ‘Max And The Magic Wish’ and its future, I cannot thank Clare enough for believing in my writing, and for believing in me.

Thank you so much,


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