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Fancy winning a signed copy of my new children’s book 'Paddy The Polar Bear Teddy?'

The love and support that I have received for my children’s stories have been incredible, and because of all your unconditional support, I believe that this has made me more confident and a better person. It has made me the man that I am now.

As a disabled person, you tend to overthink the simplest things quickly, which is only natural, mainly because of the extra everyday planning you need to undertake to sometimes to get through the typical day. It can not only affect you from a physical perspective. Still, it can take its toll on your mindset too.

During this pandemic, I have done a lot of thinking and a lot of soul searching, and due to this, I have fallen in love with my disabilities. So, I am starting to look at life through a more content set of eyes, life is what it is, and I know now that you can’t force anything, ok, you can work hard. But, still, you most certainly never need to give up, and if something incredible in life is meant to happen, it will, all in its own good time.

Apart from the soul searching. My writing has played an enormous part in making me the person I am today by sometimes allowing me to communicate and express what I am feeling in a simplehearted way. Without the support that I get from everyone, what I write about wouldn’t be acknowledged. So I thank every one of you for being and continuing to become a part of my journey.

So, as a heartfelt thank you. For the next few weeks, I’m running a giveaway. I’m giving away a signed copy of my new children’s book ‘Paddy The Polar Bear Teddy, and all you need to do to enter is click on the link below, like my Disabled Writer’s Facebook Page, like the giveaway post, share it and then tag three friends in the comment, that’s it!

You have until Friday 4th February 2022 to enter.

Good luck,



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