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Enhancing Communication in Public Speaking Engagements and School Visits with AAC.

Let's explore how individuals like Gavin, a disabled author, songwriter, and cerebral palsy and disability advocate, can navigate various public speaking engagements, including TV and radio interviews, podcasts, as well as school visits, by utilising Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices or software. Gavin's speech impediment necessitates pre-recording all dialogue and discussions, ensuring effective communication and providing a platform for inclusive participation.

During an interview with BBC Wales Today, Gavin utilised Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC) with his father, Martin, publisher Clare Thomas, and interviewer Lucy Owen.

Clear Communication for Effective Engagement:

To ensure that Gavin can effectively communicate during public speaking engagements, it is easier to pre-record all dialogue and discussions using his AAC devices or software. By doing so, Gavin can provide thorough and well-prepared responses to questions. To facilitate this process, all questions must be emailed at least ten days before the event. This allows Gavin ample time to craft accurate and meaningful responses, fostering clear and effective communication with the audience or interviewers.

Tailored Video Presentations for School Visits:

Gavin's expertise extends to various domains, making him an ideal candidate for school visits, inclusivity education, adult disability awareness, and inspirational speaking engagements. Gavin can offer video presentations to engage and educate the audience as part of these events. To ensure the success of each event, it is essential to inform Gavin of any specific requests for video content at least ten days before the event. This way, he can prepare the necessary materials and tailor the presentation to suit the audience's needs and interests.

Understanding the Service Elements and Pricing:

It's important to note that all public speaking engagements and author school visits or talks with Gavin incur an hourly rate charge to cover expenses. Unfortunately, Gavin cannot conduct conventional in-house author workshops but provides pre-recorded services, including public speaking, question and answer sessions, and book signings. To further support Gavin's work, a minimum purchase of fifteen books is required if books are requested to be sold on the day of the event.

Customized Pricing for Different Events:

Each event may have specific requirements, and rates may vary depending on factors such as mileage and the specific service elements needed. For detailed pricing information, please get in touch with Gavin directly via email at Gavin will be able to provide you with the necessary details and work with you to ensure a successful and mutually beneficial engagement.

What next:

By leveraging AAC devices and software, Gavin, a disabled author, songwriter, cerebral palsy and disability advocate, can overcome his speech impediment and actively participate in public speaking engagements and school visits. Clear communication through pre-recorded dialogue and tailored video presentations enhances the overall experience for both Gavin and the audience. If you are interested in engaging Gavin's services, please contact him directly via email to discuss pricing and make arrangements for your event. Let's embrace inclusivity and empower individuals like Gavin to share their valuable insights and experiences with the world.


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