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Do you have cerebral palsy or a disability? So what! Live a little dangerously!

Even though I have cerebral palsy, my social life up until now has been great! Over the years, I have made so many friends because my parents always encouraged me to try new things such as football and martial arts for a time and fishing. As for nightlife, I am always up for a good night out. Do you drink alcohol despite having cerebral palsy? Is it a question I get asked often? The answer is yes, I am a social drinker, not so much in the house, because I am a great believer in getting out there and being sociable. I mostly drink beer because it is smooth to drink. I drink pints like most people, but I use a straw for drinking out of, YES, a straw, you get used to it after a while…. Honestly!

For those who do not quite know me so well, the rumours are true; I am barking Mad! I am always up for a good party, why not? Did someone say, ‘Jolly Outing’ or ‘Tour?’ I rarely miss out on one because my friends never leave me out of anything, and my father always comes with me too. You only live once. I like to let my hair down occasionally. I mean, really letting my hair down. I love a good dance on a dancefloor, factoring in a few refreshment breaks throughout to give these legs of mine a recharge to allow me to show off even more spectacular dance moves, of course.

Disabled people can have fun, so let them! There’s no law against a person with a disability or a wheelchair user entering a club, pub, or restaurant. Still, I have been refused entry on the very odd occasion, if I was drunk at the time, fair enough. Yet, being denied just because of my disability, I can tell you, knocks your confidence and is so upsetting. Still, things are changing. I believe, with more licensing authorities reaching out to disabled people and asking how the hospitality sector can continue to become more inclusive and accessible for everyone, things can only get better, and rightly so.

If you ever get the urge to leave a pint of beer over the bar already paid for me, I will gladly accept. Cheers!

Best wishes


There was no person(s) hurt during the time this photo was taken, and my face is still in one piece, lol.

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Russell Miller
Russell Miller
Mar 23, 2021

I too have CP, but I never drank alcohol, and my late nights are a part of the past. I'm far too old to live like this.

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