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Character Sketch: Max And The Magic Wish

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Character: Mrs Winkleton

Mrs Winkleton is the old lady that Max and his family meet at the Beach. She is a Fortune Teller, and she is the character who holds all the magic which helps Max to believe that it is really ‘OK’ to be different to others and to break the norm. When writing this book and plotting the story, I thought to myself ‘Are there any children out there who do not believe in magic? Well, the overwhelming evidence tells me that there is not!

My core value when writing this type of book is to use magic, just like the magic Mrs Winkleton uses, to portray the educational message that runs throughout the book, and to tell the story in a way that children will truly get to learn its underlying message, so in years to come they will become more accepting of others, therefore making friends with other children of all disabilities. There is a place for everyone in this World!

Best wishes,


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