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Character Sketch: Max And The Magic Wish

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Character: Max

The character Max is based on, well ME!!

For a very long time now I wanted to write children’s books with the ambition of basing them around a few of my real-life experiences, because I want to use my own experience of living with a disability, to help others, and to show them that even though you are a little different to what the typical stereotypical person is supposed to look like, and so what? You can still achieve ANYTHING YOU WANT TO!!

Admittedly there are a few difficulties and barriers along the way, but with a little improvisation nothing is out of reach, I promise you.

As you would have read/or will read in the book, Max is very insecure and lacks confidence early on. Still, as we move forward, you’ll find with a little help, he starts to come into his own, and if you stick with me and continue to follow my little blog, I’ll give you lots more insight on this particular subject.

Best wishes


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