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BLOG TAKEOVER! With Songwriter and Producer DARREN ALBONI

It is time for the incredibly talented Platinum Songwriter and Producer DARREN ALBONI to tell us exactly how he feels.

Darren is a Platinum Songwriter and Producer, and is one of the nicest people there is, he has supported my creative aspirations from the time when we both connected on social media for the first time, then meeting each other in person at the World’s biggest networking event in London, the Tileyard/Ostereo Networking Evening. Darren has co-written, produced for, and worked with some of the World’s most talented artists and songwriters, including Ella Henderson, IAGO, Ryan Sewell and more.

The time has come for Darren to take over my blog, here is what he has got to say:-

Here we are in this pandemic suffering in different ways. Some feel like the World has ended, and some thrive. When you look at people with disabilities who struggle every day, even when the pandemic did not exist it puts everything into perspective.

Gavin is an inspiration to say the least. Not only has he carried on marching through these crazy days, but Gavin has also managed to become the Author of a successful & amazing children’s book 'Max And The Magic Wish,' which has been released on Amazon. Gavin is an inspiration to us all. Not only has he managed to achieve this, but he has also been writing some great songs on many projects. Keeping himself busy. So, when you are feeling sorry for yourself look at inspirational people like Gavin and you might find you stop worrying and even get inspired to create something yourselves.

Life is too short! Gavin takes it by the horns and shows us how it is done.

Big love D x

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