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Are you ready for a magical adventure? My second children’s book release is set for release!

It’s coming. I am excited to announce that my second children’s book, ‘Paddy The Polar Bear Teddy’, is finished and released on Amazon on Friday, 3rd December. Are you excited yet?

I certainly am!! The support that I have been receiving along my author’s journey so far has been amazing. Not only for my first children’s book ‘Max And The Magic Wish,’ but also for my educational disability blogs, and that’s with my blogs and the ones that I have written for MetroOpinion.

I guess I should now tell you a bit about what this new book is all about? ‘Paddy The Polar Bear Teddy’ is an epic magical adventure children’s book. A story about a polar bear teddy named Paddy rescued from a rubbish dump by a little girl after being banished from his home planet Hark. A planet million and million miles from Earth reigned by the Evil Queen, Zeena. Paddy must find a way to return home to rescue not only his home planet but also his beloved mother, who the evil Queen has imprisoned.

The inspiration for ‘Paddy The Polar Bear Teddy’ came to me one day when I walked into our spare bedroom, and my mother’s (yes, he’s definitely my mother’s) gigantic polar bear teddy was sat on the bed staring right back at me. From that moment, my imagination went to many magical places, where then this story came to life. I have wanted to write a story based way up there in space for a long time, so this is the ideal opportunity to write one.

The book is aimed at children six years old and over, and once children read ‘Paddy The Polar Bear Teddy’, I want them to learn and know that it is all so important to be kind to others. We all come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, which makes this World that we live in so beautiful and interesting. However, the World would be very boring if we all looked the same. Remember, children, it’s your personality and who you are as a person that matters the most, not how you look.

My new book ‘Paddy The Polar Bear Teddy’, is released on Friday, 3rd December. This particular day is special for people like me because it’s International Day Of Persons With Disabilities. To coincide with the release of my new book, a featured short film is being aired on BBC Wales where myself, my father, Martin, and my publisher, Clare of Lola & Co Publishing, are interviewed by Lucy Owen. We talk about my life growing up having cerebral palsy, my true story of disability and acceptance, the story behind ‘Max And The Magic Wish,’ and my journey so far as an author. All I can say is that this truly honest and heartfelt interview is not to be missed on the launch day of my new book.

As International Day Of Persons With Disabilities is the Friday 3rd December, I will also be promoting ‘Max And The Magic Wish’ in my short film with Lucy Owen on BBC Wales alongside the release of ‘Paddy The Polar Bear Teddy. It is so important to get all kinds of messages about disability out there. The story of ‘Max And The Magic Wish’ is about disability and acceptance, not only accepting others but accepting yourself for who you are. So this special day is the perfect time to spread even more awareness about disability and make a difference. Remember, beauty shines through in the most unexpected of places, and this happens when you start being yourself, which is why I’m now telling my story to educate others.

So, I will conclude this blog by telling everyone that you are enough, never give up, follow your dreams, and #alwaysbeyourself.

Thanks for your support!



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