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Always be true to yourself. You are a writer, so write!

‘Always be true to yourself; you are a writer, so write.’ I saw this as an article header on a website I stumbled across some time ago. When I read this article, it hit home, and I had a moment; everything seemed to become then clear.

I had fallen into a trap in the past, a web that can make you unhappy if you let yourself fall in too deep. Accepting my disabilities has taken me a bit of time, and I now realise that I failed to accept who I truly am, someone who has a disability. I may not have shown this publicly in the past, but now I am ready to do so. I am content within my skin, so much happier now, prepared to take on whatever the future throws at me.

Because I was trying so hard to be someone, to become successful too quickly, purely because I wanted to prove to myself that I could rule the World despite being disabled, I have made quite a few mistakes, but by making these mistakes, it has made me a better person. I now realise that I am a creative writer, and I am becoming good at it. I am enjoying what I do now, and if success naturally becomes part of it, then great. If it does not, I am still enjoying life and being the best I can be.

Remember, you have NOTHING to prove to ANYONE just because you have a disability; the process only takes a little longer. There are a few more barriers in the way, that is all. Always do what makes you happy. Never stop doing what you adore to gratify those very few pessimists because they are just not worth any heartache. #alwaysbeyou.

My children's book, which is about disability and acceptance, is available on Amazon. Here is the link:-



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