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Advice for first time Authors

My first-time authors' advice is that you need to be highly passionate about what you write about, have a clear subject and writer plan, and stick to it. Regarding what type of books you want to write, whether it will be children's books, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, or any other category, do your research on word count, book-length, bestsellers, other authors. Research into what type of books people are reading at present.

Once you have written your first, second, third, and then final draft, make sure it is formatted correctly into manuscript format on a Word document, generally in 12pt and in a clear default font. Always check the spelling and grammar, and maybe put the word count on the bottom.

The Pitch: - Always find out which book publishers and literary agents currently accept manuscript submissions. Remember to research what type of books each publisher or literary agent likes to read. They are then more than likely to read your manuscript and maybe give you feedback. You can do all your research using google, I did, and remember that you need to have thick skin when it comes to the pitch, as you will need to knock on many doors even before you get one foot in. Ultimately though, 'never give up.'

Due to my sheer determination, I am now glad to say, despite having cerebral palsy and a speech impediment. I am now literally living my dream of becoming a fully published author and making a difference in the process. I'm so determined to help kids who have cerebral palsy find their confidence by showing them that being accepted and accepted by others is acceptable.

Good luck,



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