2021 has been a year of the writer! Well, it has in my case anyway!!

The past few years have been difficult for many, and with coronavirus still taking hold of our lives, adapting to a new way of working and living has been so important to many people. But, for me, this has continued to help me develop tremendously, not only as a writer but as a person. For me, the most significant achievement this year is continuing to find out who I am as a person and finding the strength to fall in love with every bit of who I am.

From a writer's perspective, 2021 truly began in February when I hosted a songwriting camp with Al Steele at Shabbey Road Studios in Caerphilly, where we were joined by Rob Sherwood and Clary Saddler, Andrew Clode and Mike Scott. Four different songs were written, and the standard of talent present was incredible, and considering some songs were written to briefs. Also, others were written just 'off the cuff'. The results and the songs that we created on that day were exceptional. I'm predicting that these songs, which are being pitched to music industry briefs, will get placements in the future, and I can't wait until they do!

Let's step backwards into 2020 for a second and to where we were most of the time in lockdown. We couldn't go out, so to pass the time, I then did a lot of writing, which was in the form of writing children's books. However, my first children's book 'Max And The Magic Wish' is about disability and acceptance. I intend to work hard and improve as a writer every step of the way, so I set upon writing something different, a magical adventure story, and I will touch more on this further into this blog.