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My Story

The Author, Gavin Clifton was born with Cerebral Palsy himself, and it has always been a life long dream of his to become a published Children’s Author. Gavin is passionate about showing others with all kinds of disabilities, whether their disabilities are physical or hidden, that if they set their mind to it, and if they just trust in their own unique abili- ties, there’s nothing that they can’t achieve. His philosophy is ‘Always be yourself, then your true colours will always shine through.’


Gavin really wanted to write his story just the same as any other children’s book is written, and in a way that kids can relate to and learn, whilst their senses and imagination go to where ever they need to go, but always keeping the true underlying educational message that it is ‘O.K’ and acceptable to be different, and to never judge someone until you truly get to know them.